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Renunciation of Pakistan Citizenship/Negative Certificate: On receipt of an “Einbuergerungszusicherung” (Naturalization Certificate) from the German authorities, a Pakistani citizen, not below the age of 21 years, can apply in person only for renunciation of Pakistan citizenship/Negative certificate. DOCUMENTS MENTIONED BELOW MUST BE PRESENTED ON THE COUNTER       IN THE SAME ORDER REPEAT IN THE SAME ORDER AS GIVEN BELOW OTHERWISE THE DOCUMENTS WOULD NOT BE ACCEPTED AND THE PERSON WOULD NEED TO TAKE A NEW TOKEN AGAIN TO SUBMIT THE DOCUMENTS AFTER PUTTING THEM IN THE GIVEN ORDER:      Application for the Renunciation The following documents are required to be submitted (Total 3 sets of documents)   (1 set attested (with original Einbuergerungszusicherung & translation) + 2 sets of photocopies of all mentioned documents) Form “X” (duly filled in with computer) attested by Notar along with two (2) photocopies  ( Please also note down your contact no. & e-mail so that you can be contacted timely) All previous Original Pakistani passports with two photocopies of each. Two photocopies of valid Pakistani passport . Two photocopies of CNIC/NICOP/CRC/ID Card. Deposit the Renounciation application fee 15 € in person with EC card at the consulate with €1.00 bank service charges. Online submission of fees is not accepted. Einbuergerungszusicherung in original with two photocopies Authorized English translation of Einbuergerungszusicherung original with two photocopies Applicants who already have German nationality may submit three copies of Einburgerungsurkunde, alongwith English translation, and two copies of German passport. Children below 21 years, who have been granted German Assurance Letter/German Passports and residing with the parent(s), may be endorsed in the father’s Form. In this case please attach two copies of passport and international birth certificate of each child alongwith 6 photos. Euro 5/- fee is payable for each child. Please note that children below 21 years cannot apply for Renunciation of Pakistani citizenship neither independently nor with mother. Six passport size photographs with white background. Two Pakistani addresses of references writen on extra plain paper(1 original and 1 copy). Example: 1 set of documents should consist of Form X+Particulars+Computer Proforma (All above mentioned documents’ 2 copies each with two sets only) Upon arrival of Renunciation Certificate from Director General IMPASS at the consulate, the original certificate will only be handed over when original CNIC/NICOP/CRC along with its cancellation fee receipt (paid and generated online) at the NADRA’s website (http://id.nadra.gov.pk), other required documents such as valid Pakistani passport are submitted to the concerned officer. The origional CNIC/CRC/NICOP will be cut and returned to the applicant for online cancellation Nadra’s website (http://id.nadra.gov.pk). Delivery The Renunciation Certificates are prepared and sent by the Directorate General Immigration and Passports, Islamabad. The minimum processing time for renunciation certificate is 3 to 4 months after submission of the documents in the consulate. The applicants must check the status of the renoucitation certificate at Consulate General's website. Once certificate arrival at the consulate is confirmed, an applicant must bring the origional CNIC/NICOP/CRC, along with its cancellation fee receipt (paid and generated online) at the NADRA’s website (http://id.nadra.gov.pk), origional valid Pakistani passport and other necessary documents  for receiving his/her renounciation certificate in person at the consulate.The origional CNIC/CRC/NICOP will be cut and returned to the applicant for online cancellation at the Nadra’s website (http://id.nadra.gov.pk).
Nationality Renunciation/Negative Certificate